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Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is unique - it is the only mosque that has survived from ancient times to the present day in Yerevan, it is also the largest mosque in the Caucasus, its area is 7000 square meters. m. It is also called “Gyok Zhami”, which translated means “Blue Skies”. It was built by order of the Turkic Khan of the Erivan Khanate, Huseynali Khano Qajar, the construction was completed in 1766. The complex included a minaret, decorated with decorative faience tiles covered with majolica, 24 meters in height, a library, a madrasah, a prayer hall, 28 pavilions and a courtyard. There are twelve windows cut under the high dome, which is very unusual, since mosques, as a rule, do not have windows. The mosque was reconstructed with the help of Iranian craftsmen and today represents one of the largest cultural centers of the Iranian community in Armenia.