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Eribuni Fortress

Along with other buildings of ancient Armenian architecture, the Erebuni fortress, which is located in the south-eastern part of the city of Yerevan, on the Arin Berd hill, is of particular interest. It was built in 782 BC. Urartian king - Argishti I. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, almost nothing was known about the location of the fortress. Only in 1950, during one of these excavations, the cuneiform writing of King Argishti was discovered. With the help of decoding, it became known that the inscription spoke about the construction of the fortified city of Erebuni. It also turned out from the cuneiform script that in the past Yerevan was called Erebuni, and was later renamed Irpuni, Erivuni, Erivan, Yerevan. 

The rich interior decoration of the palace is evidenced by beautiful and luxurious frescoes on religious and secular themes: hunting, agricultural work. The walls of the temples were decorated with paintings with scenes of sacrifice and the procession of the gods. The frescoes are unique examples of Urartu art. Items found during the excavations are exhibited in a museum built at the foot of the hill.