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Surg Gevorg Church

In the old part of the city, on the central shopping square, which in the past was called Meydan, there is one of the oldest monuments of Armenian religious architecture - the Church of St. Gevorg. In historical sources it is often called the “Great Fortress” Church, as well as the Church of the Holy Mother of God. It received the name Big Fortress to distinguish it from the so-called “Small Fortress” Church named after the “Holy Archangels,” which was located on the same street, literally a few steps away. Despite the fact that in subsequent centuries many majestic churches were built in Tiflis, the Church of Surb Gevork has always been the most popular and visited in the city. For centuries, this church was the seat of the Haghpat diocese. In 1114, by decision of the church meeting in Sev Kara, the Haghpat monastery was included in the number of four thrones, with the consent of which the Catholicoses of the Armenian Church were elected.